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Where the dawn is golden … welcome to the crisis!

Golden Dawn and neo-fascism in Greece
lecture hold by John Malamatinas1
9th June / 8 p.m. / AZ Conni / Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße 39

organized by: AusserKontrolle, URA, Gruppe Polar, Rote Hilfe

Greece: At the onset of the crisis the rise of the neo-Nazi party “Golden Dawn” was a reason for concern about a massive swing to the right within society. But only the murder of the anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fissas caused the badly needed public outcry to take actions against the party. But already long before the murder of Fissas, migrants and refugees were harassed, beaten and murdered. This often happened in cooperation with the Greek police. There have been, among others, attacks on market stalls of people perceived as “non-Greek“, while police officers shielded the surroundings.