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„…a steady focus on the crisis in particular, the capitalist impositions and ways of overcoming capitalism.“ [1]

We are the group polar, an anti-capitalist, radical left-wing and solidary organisation in Dresden.

The group polar

… analyses and commits against a growing german hegemony in Europe.

We focus on the crisis of capitalism, the racist populism addressing nations in southern europe, the brutal role of Germany as a profiteer of the crisis enforcing european austerity policy and the resulting impoverishment. In the context of German Reunification and the increasing historicization of National Socialism, Germany is once again taking a dominant position. The german policy of low wages and the resulting world export championship destabilized job markets of other european countries. The german way to make the „Standort“ competitive at the wage-earners‘ expense, is by now being carried out all over Europe. German and european crisis policy aims to expand the Agenda 2010 rationale towards the european macro-region. Backed by the profits during crisis, Germany once again considers itself a major player increasingly launching military operations.

…focuses on concrete utopia and left history.

It is obvious that either capitalism, constantly producing misery and harm, has no future on this planet or this planet has no future at all. However, there are currently no pertinent, collectively agreed, left concepts of overcoming capitalism. When discussing how to overcome capitalism, we know that communist or existing socialist attempts to transform society where either defeated or resulted in authoritarian regimes. Therefore, we want to address Stalinism and Real Socialism from a radical left perspective. We do not want to speak of communism and remain silent about the crimes of Stalinism and Real Socialism.

…tries to engage in a debate on criticism of capitalism which is neither regressive nor anti-semitic.

We do not ignore tendencies, especially in left-wing groups, to speak and act structurally or openly anti-semitic. To blame the crisis on „bankers“ or the „immoral“ conduct of individuals is wrong, leading to „solutions“ we certainly do not support. In the european Left, these reductions are still relevant. On the other hand we do believe that personal responsibility should be identified. We look for ways to identify power and violence without anti-semitic stereotypes. Discussing regressive criticism of capitalism does not keep us from taking part in protests, actions and debates. Anti-capitalist policy and critique trying to perceive the whole picture has to get involved.

…participates in and performs actions within local and supra-regional actions.

Being part of the radical left, we perceived the tendency to remain stuck reading books and discussing theory without testing gained insights in practice. This was increasingly dissatisfying for us. Protests against the positioning of german hegemony where hardly noticeable while at the same time mass protests where taking place in parts of Europe and the world. We attempt to create publicity for our critique, take part in or initiate actions in public space, create forms of practical solidarity. We connect to other political groups.

„The crisis is doing the rounds, obviously unimpressed, leaving its traces of impoverishment and social exclusion of an ever growing number of people. In Germany, the eye of the crisis hurricane, the majority is living still quite convenient and even the radical left, while chanting „Aber hier leben, nein danke!“ (But to live here, no thanks!), can hardly elude the pull of public opinion and is hoping the crisis may spare their lives.“ [2]

[1] Invitation: „Kapitalismus in der Krise und Deutsche Härte“
[2] Article: nevergoinghome in Phase2, Nr. 44, Herbst 2012