Fluchtgrund: Kapitalismus // Reason for flight: Capitalism

Lesung, 19. Februar 2015 , 20:00 AZ Conni

„We are here because you destroy our countries“

talk with Mouctar Bah (Oury-Jalloh-Initiative Dessau)

More than 20,000 people died at the borders of the European Union between 1988 and 2014. The states of the EU and especially Germany define so called „legitimate“ reasons for flight also to prevent almost any legal entry to the global north. Therefore death, torture and trauma of refugees are accepted.

Currently „legitimate“ are political reasons as well as religious motivated persecution. As a reason for flight Capitalism is not accepted in the governmental institutions as well as the society. However under conditions of capitalistic competition and exploitation every reason – also for economics – are pure political reasons. The activist Mouctar Bah will talk about protests and actions of Refugees in Germany fighting against systematic oppression and exploitation in their countries and here.